Campbelltown's Bicentennial

This year marks the 200th anniversary since the establishment of Campbelltown, which occured when New South Wales Governor, Gov. Lachlan Macquarie, declared it a township in 1820.

At the time, Campbelltown had a population of less than 550 and since then it has grown into a major city with a population of 157,000 that is rich in cultural, social, and economic diversity. 

To mark this momentous milestone, I am calling on Campbelltown residents; both past and present, to share their favourite images and stories of our wonderful city. These can include memories of your favourite spots, institutions and areas both bygone and current. 

To take part in this virtual time capsule/information guide, email my office at [email protected] with your photos and stories be shared here for others to be inspired and reminded of our city's significant history thus far. 

Happy 200th Birthday Campbelltown, 


Historic nineteenth century image of St Patrick's College

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Minto Cricket Club - c. 1902

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