Dr Freelander Secures $15,000 for Landscaping in front of Eagle Vale High School

Dr Freelander is happy to announce his success in securing fifteen-thousand dollars to design and install landscaping works in front of Eagle Vale High School, along Drysdale Street.

The landscape works alongside Drysdale Street is a project Campbelltown City Council has collaborated on and provided further funding for. Dr Freelander and Campbelltown City Council acknowledge that the landscape works will not only improve the curb appeal and aesthetics of the school, but will also enhance the safety of the school. Once the landscaping works are complete, students will have no other option than to cross the road at the nominated crossing point instead of students continuing to dart across busy streets indiscriminately.

Dr Freelander and Campbelltown City Council also acknowledge that investing in landscaping on Drysdale Street will improve the frontage of the school and enhance the sense of pride in our local community and environment.

Quotes attributable to Dr Mike Freelander MP, Member for Macarthur:

“I am proud to have secured $15,000 for an invaluable local public school and the greater Eagle Vale community.”

“Not only are we investing in the curb appeal and aesthetics of Drysdale Street, but also ensuring that the safety of students, staff, parents and locals in inhibiting dangerous crossing on one of Eagle Vale’s busiest streets.”

“Investment in local landscaping ensures that those living, working and learning in the immediate area can enjoy a well maintained, modern and functional garden.”