Gonski - It's Making a Difference Right Here in Macarthur

With the Gonski needs-based funding reforms under serious threat from the Turnbull Government, it is important to consider the benefits that these reforms have brought to students and families, right here in Macarthur.

Gonski funding is being used to ensure that schools are properly resourced, to improve results, and to ensure that students in under-resourced schools are granted with support and opportunities that enable them to reach their full potential.

“You only have to look at Sarah Redfern High School, right here in Macarthur, to see the benefits that Gonski funding provides to young students,” said Dr Freelander.

As a recipient of Gonski funding, Sarah Redfern High School has used this funding in unique ways to maximise the opportunities provided toward, and the potential of its students.

“This school has really utilised the funding, to ensure that its students truly benefit from these reforms.”

“Initiatives such as their After School Study Centre, which operates 3 days a week and gives students access to Internet, printers, and study support, are priceless, and would not be possible without Gonski Funding. These programs are a true testament to the dedicated staff of this school, and their Principal Ms. Endicott” said the Member for Macarthur.


Only 36% of Gonski funding has been allocated so far. Whilst this is a good increase, it doesn’t yet meet the needs of all students. The last two years of funding are yet to be committed by the Liberal-National Government.

“It is time that Malcolm Turnbull properly commits to funding our schools, with the vast bulk of funding coming in the last two years. I sincerely hope he considers the benefit that Gonski is having to students nationwide, before negotiating any new funding model.”