The Member for Macarthur, Dr Mike Freelander MP, and the Member for Werriwa, Anne Stanley MP, have called upon Kimberly-Clark to reverse their decision to close the firm's Ingleburn factory in the Federal Parliament today.

Their comments are supported by their state colleagues, the Member for Macquarie Fields, Anoulack Chanthivong MP, and the Member for Campbelltown, Greg Warren MP.

The decision to close the Ingleburn Mill of Kimberly-Clark came as a surprise to many, with the local federal and state MPs immediately forming a united front against the closure.

In correspondence received by Dr Mike Freelander MP and Anne Stanley MP, the company confesses that as many as 220 Australian jobs will be shifted overseas as a result of the closure.

The federal representatives have been in communication with employee representatives at the CFMEU since they were informed of the decision on the 3rd of April. Employees were notified that the site would be closing in July of this year.





Quotes attributable to Dr Mike Freelander MP:

“My thoughts are with the staff of Kimberly-Clark and their families, during this difficult time. This decision will have a devastating impact upon the Macarthur community.”

“I strongly believe that Kimberly-Clark should reverse this senseless decision. Their decision to shift operations to Asia is short-sighted and only in the interest of boosting profits.”

“Many workers at the Ingleburn Mill have worked at the site for decades, building iconic brands such as Huggies Nappies. Only by ensuring that these products remain manufactured by Australian workers can we be certain that they are up to standard.”

Quotes attributable to Anne Stanley MP:

“On Tuesday night the Treasurer had to gall to stand in Parliament and claim the economy was working for everyday Australians. Tell that to the 220 workers who have just lost their jobs on this Government’s watch.”

“How will Australian mums and dads know that essential products like nappies are made to Australian safety standards when these jobs are marching off shore on this government’s watch?”

“My thoughts are with Kimberly-Clark employees and their families in the region who have given so much to this company.”

Quotes attributable to Anoulack Chanthivong MP:

“I’m ropeable to learn about the loss of local jobs following Kimberly-Clark’s terrible decision to cease operations at its Ingleburn Mill.”

“Job losses such as this are never good news, particularly as our local area is one of the fastest growing in Sydney. I call on the company to reverse this outrageous decision. I feel for the workers and their families during this very sad and devastating time.”

Quotes attributable to Greg Warren MP:

“If this doesn’t make the state government wake up and realise they actually need to be proactive in creating jobs in our region, then nothing ever will.

“In light of these 220 job losses, I urge the region’s newly elected state Liberal MPs – Wollondilly MP Nathaniel Smith and Camden MP Peter Sidgreaves – to demand the Premier formulate an urgent and detailed plan to boost jobs in our rapidly expanding region.”