Macarthur NBN Forum

Dr Mike Freelander MP, Member for Macarthur, last night hosted an NBN Forum with special guest Michelle Rowland MP, Shadow Minister for Communications.

The forum aimed to provide local residents with an insight into the National Broadband Network, whilst giving them an opportunity to express their numerous concerns about the state of the NBN under the current government.

With over 100 local residents attending the forum, held at St Andrews Community Centre, the concerns raised included issues such as slow internet speeds, frequent drop-outs of internet and landlines, and an inability to connect various residences to the alleged “National” Broadband Network.

“My office is constantly receiving enquiries from constituents, who feel that they are being offered a sub-par service under the NBN. Students, small business owners, the elderly, and young families alike are facing issues on a daily basis,” said Dr Mike Freelander MP.

“People are dismayed with the Turnbull Government about the state of the NBN. I often hear from constituents, who are unable to use their telephones and who feel as though their NBN connection is slower than their previous ADSL services.”

Labor’s Shadow Minister for Communications, Michelle Rowland MP, fielded questions from a number of local residents on the night.

“The people of Macarthur are disappointed that the Turnbull Government has failed to deliver a proper NBN,” said Ms Rowland.

“Under Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership, Australia has slipped to 50th, in terms of a global ranking on internet speeds. Local Macarthur businesses and residents are left struggling with poor or no service, while the blame shifting between NBNCo and Retail Service Providers continues.”