MP's Unite for Australian Republic Movement Wattle Day BBQ

On Saturday 1 September, Dr Mike Freelander MP and Anne Stanley jointly hosted a local Wattle Day BBQ on behalf of the Australian Republic Movement at Ingleburn Reserve.

With fifty local residents in attendance, it was clear that near 20 years after the referendum there is still passion and momentum behind the Australian Republic Movement.

It is important for our community and the greater Australian population to have ownership and input into what we want our nation to look like. A pillar of our democratic system is allowing everyone to have a say in our nation’s future. The Australian Republic Wattle Day BBQ was a prime example of democracy in action.

Quotes attributable to Dr Mike Freelander MP:

“I believe that Australians should have the choice to choose Australia's Head of State whose primary allegiance is to our unique, diverse and multicultural people and place.”

“Thank you to all who spent their Saturday afternoon with Anne and I - we hope you enjoyed your democracy sausage, quick game of soccer and the chat/company.”