NBN - A Matter of Disconnect Within the Community

Macarthur MP, the Hon. Dr Mike Freelander MP, has expressed outrage and disappointment over the lack of consistency and reliability of the newly rolled-out National Broadband Network within Macarthur.

The Federal Member has recently received in excess of 70 calls pertaining to homes and businesses that are not connected to the NBN, with no further indication as to when these network connections are to be revisited. To add insult to injury, some residents connected to the NBN have complained of an apparent degradation to the network.

Notable areas that have expressed a higher NBN complaint rate include Rosemeadow, Ambarvale, Harrington Park, Campbelltown CBD, Glen Alpine and Ruse.

Dr Mike Freelander calls upon the Government to provide further information as to when homes that were not connected to the NBN network will be revisited.

Quotes attributable to the Hon. Dr Mike Freelander, MP:

“Whilst I am disappointed, I cannot say that I am surprised about the inadequacy of the ‘rolled-out’ service in Macarthur. The Liberal Government for years have known of the perils of investing in a second-grade copper NBN – an indifference now felt by our community.”

“As the NBN was rolled out within Macarthur, my office experienced a spike in complaint calls. Unbeknown to us, these calls were not a spike; merely a consistent stream of locals who were left behind by the half-baked NBN rollout scheme.”

“Unfortunately there is only so much that can be done to remedy an internet speed that has plummeted from 30th in the world for internet speed to 60th.”

“I appreciate that there are always teething issues with large roll-outs, however the community would be better served by Labor’s plan to deliver a competitive fibre-to-the-premises NBN. A lot can be attributed to the Liberal’s building a second-rate copper NBN.”