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Funding for Appin Road

October 12, 2016

Mister speaker,

Last election there was a by-partisan commitment of $50 million to the upgrade of Appin Road.

Appin Road is one of the most dangerous roads in NSW.  It is a 37km single carriage way road that acts as the major link between South West Sydney and Wollongong. 

It is a road that has taken 23 lives in the last 6 years. That is 23 too many.

Melissa Bond was one member of the Macarthur community taken too early, a 25 year old PDHPE teacher at John Terry High School in Rosemeadow. Melissa was young, beautiful, smart and loved by our community, she had her whole life ahead of her.

We cannot wait for another bunch of flowers to appear on the side of the road. We cannot wait for our community to lose another mother, father, brother, sister or child.

Appin Road is infamous for crashes, a safety review published by Roads and Maritime Services and NSW Centre for Road Safety identified 4 crash clusters within a 16km stretch with significant curves. It is the design and narrowness of the road that makes it so deadly.

Our community needs this government to stick to its commitment of $50 million to upgrade Appin Rd. There should be no road in this country that is infamous for crashes.

The highest priority of this government should be safety and money into Appin Road needs to be a top priority.