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The Berejiklian Government has failed to provide Macarthur with vital infrastructure

February 03, 2021

I rise today to speak on the failures of the New South Wales government and the New South Wales Premier in providing infrastructure in my rapidly-growing community. Governments like the Berejiklian government have developed a habit of putting in mass housing without putting in appropriate infrastructure.

For years now suburbs sprouted out of farmland with thousands of residents, like Gregory Hills, Gledswood Hills, Arcadian Hills and Oran Park—all new suburbs—have lacked infrastructure. The suburb of Gregory Hills lacks a public school. The neighbouring suburb of Gledswood Hills has a new school this year but has over 230 children enrolled in kindergarten—far more than it can cope with. Oran Park school has 42 demountable classrooms. All these houses have been put in place without infrastructure in schooling, in transport and in health, and yet the government has failed to listen to our plight of a lack of infrastructure for our many, many families. My job is to call them to account.

The new school at Gledswood Hills doesn't allow for parking. There's no room for parking. So parents who want to speak to the child's teacher can't park there. It is a disgrace that Liberal governments, state and federal, will not provide infrastructure in these rapidly-growing suburbs that require— (Time expired)