06 October 2020

The Morrison Government had a unique opportunity in presenting this Budget.


They had the chance to re-evaluate and turn away from the failed path of trickle-down economics.


The Coalition ought to have used this Budget to stimulate economic activity in our growing region, providing our community with the support it so desperately needs to recover in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Instead, the Government has decided to wind back support, and shift the burden onto the states to do the heavy lifting.


Macarthur has been overlooked, once again, in this Coalition Budget. We are yet to see the Coalition commit to funding the infrastructure that our region so desperately needs.


Consequently, the Government is failing to support local families, failing to support our local businesses and failing to promote job creation.


While the Coalition is spending large amounts of money, it is for a plan that falls way short. The Government appears to have no plan for women, older workers, child care and for our collective future.


The Budget will rack up a trillion dollars of debt but still doesn’t do enough to create jobs, fails to build for the future and leaves too many Australians behind.


The Coalition will consistently waste taxpayer’s money overpaying for land, backflipping on delivering fibre connections through the NBN, awarding lucrative Government contracts to unknown organisations, performing political stunts and subsidizing the operations of billionaire’s companies.


However, when it comes to providing our region with desperately needed stimulus and support, they are completely absent. The Coalition Government does not understand the needs of our community.