Used by more than 10,000 vehicles daily, Appin Road is recognised by the NRMA as being one of the NSW’s most dangerous roads. Claiming the lives of dozens of community members over the past 20 years, a single carriageway, lack of barriers, the configuration of the road and immediate bushland have contributed to the dangers of Appin Road.

At the last election Mr Turnbull committed $50 million to fix Appin Road,yet only $5 million was committed in the Federal Government’s 2016-17 budget. The Turnbull Government has shown an utter disregard for the urgent need to upgrade Appin Road, with no plans or allocated funds to complete more than cosmetic upgrades.

If the Federal Government is as sincere about the safety of our region as they seemed during the 2016 election – more than 5 million would have been allocated to Appin Road in the 2016-17 budget. The Federal Government ran on an Appin Road election platform in 2016. Two years later little has been done to progress with urgent upgrades.Too many lives have been lost and our community cannot wait any longer - our region deserves better!