Coalition Suspends Democracy as Government Breaks Down

23 August 2018

Today we saw the Liberal Party give up on governing, with the Prime Minister opting to shut down the House of Representatives rather than facing his own party.

The Liberal-National Government is in total crisis, they are too divided and out of touch to get on with the job and put the needs of everyday Australians first.

What we saw today was a Government with no direction and no leadership stop governing; they are only focused on their civil war.

It does not matter who leads the Liberal Party tomorrow, whether it is Malcolm Turnbull, Julie Bishop, Scott Morrison or Peter Dutton, the Government’s twisted agenda will not change.

Every single member of the Government has voted against Labor’s attempts to protect penalty rates, and they have voted to cut from peoples’ pensions.

No matter who the Prime Minister is tomorrow – their track record will include attempts to block a royal commission into the banks, unrelenting attacks on the ABC, and a failure to properly fund infrastructure for South West Sydney.

Every member of the Government has desperately tried to give an $80 billion tax handout to the banks and big business, while voting for cuts to our local hospital and our schools.

The Coalition has now given up on running the country – if they cannot do this then the only option to end this crisis is with a general election.

In stark contrast to the Coalition, Labor is a stable and united team that is 100 per cent focused on the Australian people – not on ourselves.

We are working hard on our plan to deliver a fair go for all Australians.

Whether the election is in one month or six – Labor will be ready.

We’ve got the better team, the better policies and the right priorities to make our country better for every Australian.

Labor will deliver a fair go for Macarthur residents, and for all Australians.