22 October 2020

The Federal Member for Macarthur, Dr Mike Freelander MP, has today issued calls for the Board of Australia Post to be cleaned up.


Revelations were made in Senate Estimates today that the Board and CEO had spent $12 000 on luxury Cartier watches to gift to highly paid executives.


“This is completely unacceptable,” said Dr Freelander. “It does not pass the pub test.”


Dr Freelander identified recent failures by Australia Post Executives, and said that they were bringing the institution into disrepute.


“The Australia Post Board is dysfunctional swamp of former Liberal politicians, party hacks, and mates of Scott Morrison,” said Dr Freelander.


“Our posties and staff at Australia Post have been working harder than ever in recent months – and they are being let down by a Board that is taking advantage of their positions.”


Just last month, it was revealed that Australia Post had attempted to cover up the printing and destruction of 6 million cleverly worded postcards that sought to attribute Minister Fletcher’s cuts and service changes to “your local postie”.


The institution, it has been revealed, had also spent $3000 per day on a “reputation management” firm to manage public relations surrounding their recent cuts to mail delivery services.


“The Board of Australia Post must set a high standard. They help oversee a cherished national institution that we all rely on,” said the Member for Macarthur.


“It is simply not good enough that the people of Macarthur are having their services wound back, while the Board is indulging in Cartier and chauffer-driven cars.”


“This is yet another example of blatant waste that we are seeing occurring under the Morrison Government.”


“It is insulting that the Coalition is providing subsidies to billionaires and Cartier watches to highly-paid executives while cutting services. It is beyond out-of-touch, considering the state of the economy and the fact that most people are worried about keeping a roof over their head during this recession.”