WEAR A MASK Main Image

15 October 2020

The Federal Member for Macarthur, Dr Mike Freelander MP, has today issued a call for wider Sydney residents to actively wear masks in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


Dr Freelander, a practicing paediatrician for over four decades who has been appointed by the Health Minister to the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Advisory Group to advise the Chief Medical Officer and National Cabinet on Australia’s response to the pandemic, is concerned about ongoing outbreaks of COVID-19 in parts of Sydney.


“Australians have done very well and have been working tremendously hard to adjust to life in the era of COVID-19,” said the Member for Macarthur.


“However, I am concerned that the pandemic is far from over; we are still seeing traces of COVID-19 present in our testing of sewerage, particularly in Western and South-Western Sydney.”


“The pandemic has hit us hard, but has disproportionately affected some in our community. I do not want to see our numbers get out of control, and force us into a situation in which we see restrictions heighten or return.”


“We know masks are an effective tool in limiting the spread of this virus. That is why I am asking everyone to wear a mask, when in public.”


“This pandemic is far from over, and our numbers are still at a level where we must remain vigilant.”


“I am asking NSW residents to wear a mask when in public from today, to protect themselves and the health of others.”


“This is a small, additional step, that we can all take to try and get on top of this virus and ensure restrictions do not increase.”