Federation Chamber - CONSTITUENCY STATEMENTS - Macarthur Electorate: Camden Show, Ingleburn Alive

19 March 2024

I had the great pleasure, on the weekend, of attending two great local events in my electorate of Macarthur, with the Camden Show and the Ingleburn Alive festival providing family-friendly outdoor community festival offerings for locals and local businesses. The Camden Show—to which I've been a sponsor for 40 years—was first held in March 1886. It's come a long way since then. As it says on the show bag, it's 'still a country show'. This was evident on Saturday, with a range of livestock, produce, lucerne, a huge award-winning pumpkin, farming machinery and local agricultural companies as well. There was a modern twist, of course, with show bags, school dance shows and fire truck exhibitions et cetera, and it was great to be there. It was great to be there with my friend Professor Brad Frankum, who, as well as being a very well renowned immunologist, is an international-class show jumper, and he was competing in the show jumping, which was great to see. I had the pleasure of engaging with constituents; talking with local members, like the wonderful member for Camden, Sally Quinnell; and having a really great time. My kids have enjoyed it for many years. I love the Camden Show and I want it to continue.

I also went to Ingleburn Alive festival, and it was great to see local businesses and local charities, such as the Salvation Army, the Camden Historical Society and the Lions Clubs for both Camden and Ingleburn, at the festival and showing their wares. It was great to support the member for Macquarie Fields, the Minister for Corrections and minister for consumer affairs, Anoulack Chanthivong, at Ingleburn Alive. It was great to see him there with some of my local constituents. Many of the kids that I saw as patients have now grown up, with their own families, particularly in Ingleburn and Camden. It was great to see them. It was great to be there in Camden with Mayor Ashleigh Cagney and her team at Camden Council, because they're doing great work in one of the most rapidly developing areas in the country.

Whilst we're rapidly becoming urbanised, it is still a country show. We still have agriculture in my community, and long may it continue. I really enjoyed the event and I really enjoyed seeing the people. I think it is amazing that, in a place like Macarthur that has had this rapid development, we have people from all around the world now, in what was once a very Anglo-Celtic community, and they were having a good time and enjoying what we have to offer locally. I want it to continue forever. I had a great time. My kids enjoy it now as adults with their children, and the local community really loves the Camden Show and Ingleburn Alive. Our councils have done a great job promoting both festivals for our whole local community, including all the new arrivals, and it was great to see them all there.