Passfield Park School Needs Urgent Attention

23 August 2018

The Member for Macarthur, Dr Mike Freelander MP, has this week delivered a passionate speech in the Parliament of Australia, regarding the present condition of Passfield Park School in Minto.

Dr Freelander issued the speech during a week that saw the Coalition Government falling apart, later stating that we wanted to “draw the national attention, and the Government’s attention, back to issues that truly mattered to Macarthur locals.”

In the speech, the Member for Macarthur stated that the school’s buildings were deteriorating, and required the urgent attention of the New South Wales Government.

“I've tried to undertake the appropriate action, lobbying the New South Wales government to take care of the situation, but its lack of compassion and empathy has left me with no choice but to call this out in the Parliament of Australia,” the Member for Macarthur stated.

“Instead of receiving the work it requires, the school over the years has merely received touch-up jobs. Some visible mould has been removed from time to time, and minor paint jobs have been undertaken. But, from firsthand experience and exposure to the school, I can tell you that the school needs much more than that to bring it up to an appropriate standard,” said Dr Mike Freelander MP.

“It needs to be knocked down and rebuilt. It's no longer fit for purpose.”

Dr Freelander also highlighted issues with accessibility to some classrooms for those students in wheelchairs, before issuing a public invitation to Premier Gladys Berejiklian to meet with him at the school.

"Premier, we can even meet there on a weekend. Trust me: I know my way around the school,” read the Member for Macarthur.

“There will be no PR, no cameras, no spin. Just bring yourself and some builders, please,” he pleaded.

The Member for Macarthur said he has previously written formally to the NSW Government, but is yet to receive a satisfactory response to his concerns.

“I have heard from countless locals who share my concerns. I will not stop fighting until our voices are heard by the Liberal-National Governments on a State and Federal Level,” Dr Freelander said.