12 July 2021

The Member for Macarthur, Dr Mike Freelander MP, has today called for greater support for families and businesses who have been affected by the Greater Sydney lockdown.

Dr Freelander, who himself had operated a small business locally for decades, condemned the state and federal Liberal Governments for failing to roll out timely and adequate support.

“Sydney is now in its third week of lockdown, with unfortunately no end in sight,” said Dr Freelander. “It is inexcusable that local businesses and workers are still waiting to find out what support will be available.”

Dr Freelander further stated that it was a “mistake” for the Commonwealth Government to rule out a return of JobKeeper, stating he had been contacted by a number of local businesses who were facing severe financial hardship.

“The Liberal Government is making the same mistakes as last year, they are confusing residents with mixed messaging and are not making support available where it is most needed,” said the Member for Macarthur.

“Casual workers who have lost work are once again being left behind, and businesses in some case are being made to shut their doors entirely. Crisis support payments are inexplicably delayed, and people are falling behind as a result.

“Macarthur residents, employees and employers deserve a comprehensive package to help get through this difficult period. I don’t want to see a single household missing rent, mortgage repayments, or wages because of the Government’s inaction.

“The Government’s failures to roll out an effective immunization program and quarantine system has placed our economy in this precarious position, and it is irresponsible for the Government to rule out support.

“Households and businesses alike deserve some certainties in this difficult period.”