STATEMENTS BY MEMBERS - Macarthur Electorate: Health Care

03 June 2021

In my electorate, my patients cannot access primary health care. This has been an issue that I have discussed with the health minister's office for a number of years. It's occurring because, in the newer suburbs and the growing suburbs, they cannot recruit doctors. There have been changes made to the workforce shortage rules that have prohibited practices in my area from employing doctors in primary health care who are eminently well qualified. This is leading to much poorer health outcomes.


I've been contacted by families with children with severe disabilities who cannot access primary health care. This puts an even greater load on our public hospitals. I've discussed this with the health minister, with his office, with NSW Health, and nothing is being done. I am sick of motherhood statements. I'm sick of being brushed off. My patients cannot access primary health care.


It is a tragedy. It's an absolute disgrace. We are at risk of developing an Americanised health system, where the wealthy can afford very good care but the poor and disadvantaged cannot access care. Something must be done.


I was contacted by Dr Ben Touma from the Emerald Hills Medical Centre. His two medical centres are not able to employ doctors who a very well qualified to work in the area. This is a tragedy. I've been contacted by other electorates with similar problems. We cannot have a two-tiered health system in Australia.